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Custom Glass Projects for Your Home

Custom Glass Projects

When it comes to custom glass, we know what it takes to make your residential glass needs a reality! Read below to see how we can assist you with your next custom glass project.

Furniture Glass

When your main objective is to protect furniture from damage, glass covering is the best option. If you have a beloved antique or a heavily-used hutch, a glass table cover will protect it from scratches, stains, water spots, and even heat. Stevens Glass can custom cut the glass to the pattern of your furniture.

A glass table top is a piece of glass set upon a stand or pedestal to form the actual table surface. A glass table cover is a glass liner that actually lies on the surface of wood or marble table and protects the surface of the table. Glass table tops make an effective design statement when used for glass coffee tables, glass end tables, glass patio tables, and glass dining tables. Glass table covers can be used for coffee tables, antique dining tables, or desks.

You might need to protect a desk or an entertainment center. Stevens Glass can drill holes in the glass for the electrical wiring to fit through. We seam all the edges so that they are smooth and safe.

Cabinet Glass

Cabinet doors with glass inserts boost a kitchen’s appeal by showcasing favorite pieces and lightening the visual load of a room filled with metal and wood. This is a great way to modernize your kitchen or give the cabinets a much-needed facelift. Cabinet doors are the most visible part of your cabinetry and key factors in defining your style and bringing your personality to life. Stevens Glass has a variety of pattern glass as well as clear glass to choose from.

Glass Shelves

Adding visual interest to any room is easy with floating shelves. When installed, they appear to float without the need for mounting hardware. They actually use cleverly concealed hardware inside the back of each shelf, and they’re available in a large range of sizes, colors, and styles. Shelves are a great way to show off a collection or to organize a room without cluttering up space. Stevens Glass can custom cut your shelves to the size and thickness you need and supply the mounting accessories needed to finish the job.


For all your glass project needs, we’re the team to help design and create your glass vision. Contact Steven’s Glass today for a project that you have in mind to organize from building shelves to refinishing glass tables and other pieces of furniture. Call us at 907-373-8040 or online.

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