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Window Screens
A window screen basic definition (also known as insect screen, bug screen, fly
screen, wire mesh) is designed to cover the opening of a window. It is usually a mesh
made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber and stretched in a frame of wood
or metal.
How many years do window screens last?
It depends. A normal screen that is primarily in shade, remains relatively dry, gets
cleaned semi-regularly and is not subject to lots of handling (except at window cleaning
time) should last you 10 to 15 years before the screen mesh begins to break down and need replacement.

Screens are hard work

To replace the screen mesh in an existing frame:
1. Remove the screen frame from the window.
2. Starting from one end, use pliers to pull out the rubber spline that holds the
screen in the frame.
3. Remove the damaged screen wire from the frame.
4. Cut a piece of new screening several inches larger than the frame.
5. Press the screen wire into the groove in the frame using the convex end of a
spline roller tool.
6. Position the rubber spline at one corner of the frame groove, and press the spine
firmly down into the groove, using the concave end of the spline tool.
7. Press the spline into all four sides of the screen frame groove, working any
wrinkles out of the screen.
8. Use a sharp utility knife to remove the excess screening even with the outer edge
of the spine groove.
9. Place the screen back in the window and secure it in place.
If you need a screen for a window that does not currently have a screen, Stevens Glass
suggests that you have a professional measure the opening to make sure it covers the
opening properly taking into consideration the type of window, the springs, and pulls so
that it will work for your needs
At Stevens Glass, providing sturdy, long-lasting screens for our customer’s windows is
important to us. And we know that those screens are important to you. They are the
barrier that keeps bugs of all kinds from coming into your house when you open your
windows, to let our Alaskan air in. They stop the flies that are buzzing around your
outside trash from getting into your kitchen, and they keep a whole range of potential
pests from using your windows as a doorway into your home. Screens are important.
Really important. But keeping pests out is only one of the many reasons you should
maintain your window screens. Here are a few other reasons to consider:
When it comes time to sell a home, it is all about curb appeal. One of the first things a
real estate agent will suggest is replacing all your screens. They know that damaged or
dirty screens make potential buyers wonder, “If they didn’t take care of their screens,
what else didn’t they take care of.” Good, clean screens make a good impression. Well
maintained screens add appeal to the overall beauty of your home.
Screens don’t just increase your curb appeal, if they are in good working condition and
kept nice and clean, they can also help to keep your exterior window panes from getting
dirty. Clean window screens won’t cause dirt to splatter on your window glass. Instead,
you’ll have clean water splattering and drizzling down your window panes
Good, working screens help to reduce heat transfer. Sure, most of the work is going to
be done with the coating on your glass, the argon gas between each pane of glass, and
the insulation in your window frames which reduces heat transfer, but screens help too.
Most importantly, those screens will keep pests from getting in and causing damage to
your home.
When your screens work properly, they will help to deflect the rain water. No window
does well with water continually pooling up on it. Water has a way of getting in and
causing mold to occur. Mold can also form on your screens themselves. But a clean,
good working screen resists water and mold. Mold and water damage on your windows
can cause serious damage to your home.
Maintaining your home goes a long way when it comes to keeping your home safe and
secure. Please don’t put off getting those screens repaired. We would love to help your
screens, as well as all your glass needs.

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