Can my windshield be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

Stevens Glass recommends getting a chip repaired as soon as possible. You can have a chip repaired at a fraction of the cost for a new windshield. Most all chips can be repaired if they are smaller than a dollar bill and have not broken through the second layer of glass. If the chip is in the Driver’s line of sight the windshield should be replaced as it is a distraction for the driver. Chip repairs are repaired with a resign and most cracks can be stop drilled so that they don’t crack any further. You want to get those chips taken care of before rain , dirt and snow get in the chip and cause more damage by freezing and then cracking the windshield. Most insurance companies cover chip repairs at no cost to you. We work with all insurance companies so when you make that glass claim with your insurance company just tell them you would like to use Stevens Glass and they will fax us the information to bill them directly. If you do have a windshield replacement then all you are due is the insurance deductible amount.2010-01-31 12.47.04

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