Does your Bathroom need a Facelift?

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Looking for a quick and easy way to update you bathroom? Your bathroom will look so much more attractive if you have a shower door or gleaming free-standing shower enclosure. It will be much lower in maintenance too. Unlike a shower curtain which has to be taken down to be cleaned because of mold & mildew. Plus shower curtains are less reflective and give the appearance of taking up more space.   Shower doors and enclosures can be cleaned in their original position with a quick spray of surface cleaner and an easy wipe down. Another advantage to shower enclosures and doors is that they allow more light to permeate the bathroom making it feel more spacious.  Shower enclosures are a great way to show off your tile & highlight the fixtures in your bathroom. Shower enclosures most popular colors for the metal foaming are oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and silver. Do you have a small bathroom? There are some great shower enclosures that can make the best use of your space, like a bypass sliding enclosure or a small door & panel.

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