Furniture Glass

Are you looking for a way to protect your table or desk? At Stevens Glass we can custom cut plate (annealed) glass to fit your table or desk. We can do it to pattern to fit the table. This is a great way to keep your furniture scratch proof for years to come. We can cut holes in the glass to customize it for your electrical needs for desk tops/ entertainment centers. Diameter cuts are available as well. We seam all the edges so they are smooth and safe.

Stevens Glass can also custom cut  glass shelves. The shelves would be made from 1/4 inch clear plate (annealed) glass or 3/8 inch clear plate (annealed) glass depending on the weight put on them. This is an excellent way to showcase a collection or organize a space but still leave an open feel.

2010-03-11 12.00.36 photo (6) IMG_4841

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