Glass Partitions

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Do you have too much noise in your office or restaurant due to too many people being in the same space? A great solution is glass dividers or glass partitions, which are panels of glass designed to break up large spaces to reduce sound. Whether you need to split your office space into several smaller spaces or reduce the echo in a restaurant without committing to a costly remodel, glass partitions help create a quieter space to help make your employees more productive and your guests more comfortable.

Acoustic Single Glazed systems are a step up in sound resistance for applications that require the minimal aesthetic of a single glazed wall while maintaining privacy. Acoustic Single Glazed is made from metal channels and glass panels -- either laminated glass or tempered glass -- depending on your plans for your glass partitions.

Along with providing better sound quality within your work spaces, glass partitions will enhance the visual look of your office space. Glass partitions also allow your employees to see one another without having to hear each and every word coming from their coworkers’ workspaces. Your workers will love their work environment with the installation of custom glass partitions.

If you have questions or would like more information about custom glass partitions from Stevens Glass in Anchorage, feel free to contact us at 907-373-8040 or 907-745-1600.

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