How to Repair a Damaged Window Screen

Window screens can get punctured or torn, but if the frame is in good shape repairs are easy and can be done in a few minutes. If the screen frames are bent they will need to be replaced. You will need to make sure you match up the screen metal size and groove so that it fits perfectly. There are also screen pulls and springs that will need to have holes drilled into them, and can be challenging to apply the screen mesh over. The most popular replacement screen material is fiberglass. Its flexibility makes it the easiest to use—if you make a mistake, you can take it out of the frame and try again. Aluminum screen is sturdier, but you only get one chance. The grooves you've made with the screen rolling tool are there to stay. Know the size of your window when you go to the store to get supplies. It will sell pre-measured rolls to fit nearly any opening size.

Stevens Glass suggests that you:

  • Pry out the old spline with an awl or a narrow-tipped screwdriver. Throw it away—spline gets hard and brittle as it ages and shouldn't be reused.
  • Place wooden blocks along the inside of the two longest sides of the frame and secure them to the work surface. The blocks keep the frame from bowing inward when you install the new screen material.
  • Lay the new screen material over the frame. It should overlap the frame by about 3/4 to 1 in. Cut each corner at a 45-degree angle just slightly beyond the spline groove. The cuts keep the screen from bunching in the corners.
  • Begin installing the new spline at a corner. Use the screen rolling tool to push the spline and screen material into the groove. Continue around the frame. If wrinkles or bulges appear, remove the spline and reroll. Small wrinkles should tighten up as you get back to the starting corner
  • Trim excess screen material using a utility knife with a new sharp blade. A dull blade will pull the material, not cut it. Cut with the blade on top of the spline and pointed toward the outside of the frame.

Give us a call if you have any questions about window screens, or would like to receive a quote.

Why you should fix the chip on your windshield

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That chip in your windshield may have been caused by a small stone, but it could spell big trouble if you don't have it repaired quickly. Stone chips and glass repair are part of life as a vehicle owner. Windshields get chipped and cracked all the time, and although they’re often inopportune, they can’t be neglected and should be attended to in short order. Here's what to do when your car windshield gets chipped.

Even though they may seem minor, small stone chips can quickly develop into a costly repair job. Chips grow when pressure is placed on your windshield. Pressure can come from a variety of sources, even something as minor as taking your car though the car wash or when changes in temperature occur. Once they grow into a crack, they can no longer be fixed and your windshield will need to be replaced. Smaller chips are easily fixable by an auto glass expert at Stevens Glass but if the chip is too large, or it expands to the length or width of a credit card, it will likely need to be replaced.

Most insurance policies will cover the cost of stone chip repairs without impact to your policy rate.

Being proactive and repairing a chip in your windshield can save drivers a significant amount of money. A windshield replacement can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars, to $1,500 depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle; and therefore, fast action is crucial.

Standard windshields are made of two transparent pieces of glass that are glued to a vinyl resin in the center. The vinyl resin helps keep the glass in place during impact or a collision and stops shards of glass from flying, which can cause serious injury or death.

However, experts say once the vinyl resin, or safety layer, has been cracked or chipped, the windshield is unable to withstand much more impact, and cannot protect as well the driver and passengers. A large crack can also negatively impact your vision and reflect sunlight glare, making it difficult to see.

A cracked windshield is also a safety hazard. If the glass is cracked it could break and impact your ability to drive safely. What most people don’t realize is that the windshield is part of the structural framework of the vehicle. A cracked windshield has a greater chance of shattering or causing an accident.

Stevens Glass suggests that you:

  • Contact us or come by the shop and get it repaired.
  • Talk to your insurance company and find out if the repair is covered.
  • Be aware of insurance fraud scams. Never give your insurance information to anything less than a reputable repair shop with a long standing presence. Temporary repair stations should be avoided.

By being proactive you’ll save money, keep the inconvenience to a minimum, and-most importantly-stay safe.

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How replacing or upgrading your windows can save you money

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When it comes to replacing the windows in their home, folks often think of it as merely another expense. A lot of homeowners tell us, “Oh, we’d love to put new windows in our house, but we don’t think we can afford them.” At Stevens Glass we would be happy to diagnose your windows to see what we can do to help your home perform its best.

Ironically, many of these homeowners don’t consider the fact that the old windows they currently have could be significantly draining their finances already. Here are four ways that they could actually be costing you money.

1. Ultraviolet light

Plain, untreated, clear glass lets in UV rays. These rays are responsible for perpetual damage to the inside of your home. Items that are normally effected by sunlight outside are still being damaged indoors.

This can mean discolored carpet, faded artwork, disappearing photographs and faded upholstered furniture and wood floors. Homeowners commonly report that blinds become brittle, and curtains or other window treatments become discolored and start deteriorating. Having to replace your furniture, rugs or drapes over time could be costly.

2. Heat transfer

Old windows can’t keep the heat in the winter or out in during the summer because the frames don’t have insulating properties. Common outdated frame materials, such as aluminum, conduct and transfer cold and heat directly from the outside to the inside of your home.

If you feel a different temperature when you are near your windows, then this means that they are doing very little to insulate your home. This causes your heater or air conditioner to run unnecessarily, driving up your monthly energy bills.

3. Leaking

Old windows often have many tiny cracks, even when they seem to close and function properly. The weather causes windows to expand and contract, so the glass doesn’t fit properly. Panes of glass can become loose, and the seal on the insulated glass unit can fail. This will cause moisture to build up between the panes of glass, which may cause the glass to break.

The caulking around the windows also crumbles over time. Not only can this make your home drafty, it can also let in dust and other allergens, as well as cause water damage. Here are some negative affects you will experience when that happens:

  • You’ll find yourself spending more by adjusting your thermostat to compensate for the drafts.
  • The leaks will let in spiders and other insects and put a bigger exterminating bill on your budget
  • Water damage will have long-standing effects on your home, possibly leading to mold issues, and the need to replace entire sections of plaster or drywall.
  • You might be feeling unwell from the dust, mold and other allergens coming into your home, which affects your quality of life.

4. Upkeep

Especially for homeowners with wood windows, the wooden frames need to be stained or painted frequently or else they are susceptible to wood rot. The cost to maintain wood windows is substantial, as they have to be meticulously masked off, sanded and primed, with several coats of paint to keep them in good condition.

Additionally, some other window frame materials that were not designed to be painted may have been mistakenly painted, and they will peel and blister. New vinyl windows are designed to be virtually maintenance free and never need painting.

So, if you are experiencing any or all of these issues with your old windows, you are probably spending more on windows than you’d care to. We would love to come and talk to you about your windows and see if you just need a window tune up or if new windows are the best option for you.

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Benefits of having glass shower doors

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Whether it’s for a bathroom remodel or building a new home, glass shower doors will increase the value of your home with their modern appearance and easy-to-clean quality. With the help of our top notch Installers at Stevens Glass, you can select the perfect style glass door for your aesthetic and functional needs, and then sit back and relax while we install them.

Glass doors are almost always preferable to shower curtains. By opting for glass doors for a standalone shower or a bathtub and shower combination, you can add quite a bit of value to your home during a remodelling project. Once you install the glass shower doors, you won’t have to replace them for many years to come, because you can keep them in flawless condition for years

Many homeowners find this type of enclosure for showers to be appealing due to how easy it is to clean. Shower curtains trap quite a bit of moisture in the creases, often resulting in significant wear and mold occurring. It’s also not uncommon for water to leak out onto the floor, causing damage to the floors. By installing a shower door that uses glass, the user can just wipe down the door with a shower cleaning tool. The task takes only takes seconds and will result in your bathroom looking much nicer than with a shower curtain.

Glass panels and doors can fit into a variety of decorating schemes, allowing you to make an investment that will help improve the appearance of your bathroom for years to come. They are very neutral, which is especially appealing to future home buyers who will want to put their own special touch on their bathroom. Though shower glass doors do cost more than a disposable shower curtain, making this one-time investment in your home will save you money in the long run and keep those surfaces in pristine condition. For more information regarding the benefits of glass doors used for bathrooms and the options that we have available, we invite you to contact us at Stevens Glass (907)373-8040 or (907)745-1600.

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How to Make the Most of Alaska’s Incredible Fishing Opportunities

As the largest of the 50 states and home to more than 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes, and 6,640 miles of coastline, Alaska’s fishing and boating opportunities are practically endless.

Whether you are a novice or pro fisherman, Alaska will introduce you to fishing excursions you’ve only dreamed about. Our year-round fishing season allows you to discover many fish species during any season! Check out to discover fantastic fishing spots.

In order to get the most out of Alaska’s fishing opportunities, you need to choose best type of boat for running Alaska’s rivers and lakes. A perfect choice for navigating Alaska’s wild rivers and lakes is the aluminum boat.

Why Buy an Aluminium Boat?

  • They are affordable. You get more bang for your buck with an aluminum boat.
  • They are lightweight which makes them easier to handle by one person.
  • Aluminum boats require smaller, lighter, less expensive motors.
  • Towing is easy with aluminum boats, allowing you to use anything from a big truck to a small car.
  • They are virtually maintenance and worry free.
  • Because they are corrosion resistant, aluminum boats can be used in salt or fresh water.
  • They hold their resale value very well.
  • Aluminum boats are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Most importantly, aluminum boats are fun! How do you beat a day on the water with your friends and family in affordable boat?

Be sure to do your research on boating do’s and don’ts before you set sail. Visit the Office of Boating Safety website for more information:

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Why Go Frameless for a Shower Enclosure?

Photo Dec 31, 4 52 44 PM DSC00119 Photo Jan 20, 2 58 57 PM

• Cleaner

The clean appearance of thick, frameless glass panels makes your shower the focal point of the bathroom.

• Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

With no crevasses, frameless glass panels are far easier to clean than framed panels. The metal parts of stainless steel instead of aluminum are also easier to maintain. You won’t have to worry about cleaning gunk, off of bulky metal parts.

• Modern

Opening the substantial, tempered glass doors of a frameless glass shower enclosure are a far different experience than using the rattling shower doors of old.

• Durable & Superior Craftsmanship

Thick tempered glass is far less likely to break. The subtle hardware of a frameless shower stay in place and are fastened through holes drilled in the glass. This is unlike the shower doors of big box retailers, whose thin glass is held together by glue inside poor quality aluminum hangers. Also, the superior craftsmanship of high quality materials and thicker glass makes our frameless glass shower doors one of the longest lasting enclosures in the industry!

• Clear Shield Glass Protectant

To make your life easier still, add Enduro Shield, a treatment that bonds to the glass and makes your glass shower “hydro-phobic” and keeps it very clear, as the water beads off of your glass.

• Environmentally Friendly

One thing to consider – those vinyl shower curtains are proven to be toxic. The carcinogens found in PVC plastic that are used to create those ugly vinyl curtains can be harmful, not only to the environment when disposing of them, but to you, when you’re breathing in the air in your bathroom. With a frameless glass shower door, you have none of those concerns!

• Recyclable

Glass is also recyclable. On the other hand, vinyl shower curtains have to not only be constantly replaced (costing you money), but they do not decompose and add to the waste.

• Shows Off Tile work Easily

A frameless glass shower door will showcase your delicate tile work. There is no bulky hardware to hinder the view of your tiles, and with the option of Low-Iron glass, you can even get rid of any greenish hue, for a crystal-clear visual in your bathroom.

• Adds Value to Your Home

Making a frameless glass shower the focal point of your bathroom will increase the value of your home. Research shows that such a bathroom upgrade, is one of the best ways to increase the future purchase price of your home.

• Fully Customizable

You get to configure your frameless glass shower the way you want it. Down to the size, height, width, glass type, hardware color, and hardware types.

• A Sleeker, Brighter, Bigger Bathroom

The less bulky, “framed” hardware one has in their bathroom, and the more glass, the brighter their bathroom will be. With a frameless glass shower door, light is not impeded and the resulting brighter bathroom, will also appear larger and more spacious!
Just a note to add that for a Frameless enclosure to work properly the sill needs to be pitched back slightly so that the water sheds properly and there needs to be no direct water spray on to the glass so the shower should be deeper than a standard tub opening.

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Understanding a Chip Repair for your Windshield

Understanding Windshield Chip Repair
For most automobile owners, changing oil and doing routine maintenance checks are important aspects of keeping the vehicle healthy. When the car manifests signs of problems, the driver would usually make sure it is corrected immediately to avoid more costly repairs later. But one thing most car owners neglect, but should not, is the windshield. Although the windshield does not belong with the ‘mysterious’ under the hood components and seems to be transparent in its use, its importance cannot be understated. As with any car component problems, windshield damage should be repaired immediately.
Many people doubt the value of a chip repair. Paying forty five dollars for a chip repair that is barely the size of a nickel seems unreasonable. However, most do not realize that the windshield is very fragile to internal stress. It may look impenetrable, but when subjected to road and temperature stress, the chip can easily become a crack.
Windshield glass is a type of laminated glass. It consists of two layers of special composite glass with a laminate in between the layers. The laminate usually is made from a form of vinyl plastic, which is in simple terms, a very strong plastic. The laminate acts as a sticking board for the inner and outer layer of glass, which serves to hold both layers together and provides a surface in the event of shattering for glass fragments to adhere to.
A black frame, referred as the ‘frit’, lines the outer edges of the windshield, commonly 2-3 inches wide and even wider on top. The frit protects the urethane molding (generally speaking, glue that bonds windshield to car) of the windshield from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Without the frit, the urethane would melt and cease to hold the windshield to the body frame
Windshields play essential roles in vehicle safety and drivability. First and the most apparent function of the windshield is blocking wind and airborne debris from you and providing a clear perspective of road conditions. This is more of a drivability issue. The next two functions are safety-related, especially during an accident. In a frontal collision, two safety features of the car minimize impact damage to the driver and passenger: SRS Airbag and seat belts. In order for the airbag to deploy properly, the windshield needs to be in place. It stops the airbag from deploying upwards and redirects the direction of inflation toward the driver. In a rollover, windshield serves dually to prevent the roof of the car from collapsing and the passenger from having any body parts hanging outside the car. This issue is more pertinent with side windows, where loose body parts will dramatically increase fatality rates.
An improperly installed or cracked windshield will jeopardize your safety. One, the windshield may crack up and eventually lose integrity and shatter. Two, during an accident, the windshield will fly apart on airbag deployment with shards of glass spewing all over the place. And the airbag will be less effective. Third, on a rollover, compression stress will first stretch the crack from end to end and then finally break the windshield. Flying glass shards are very sharp and dangerous.
When the windshield is first installed at the factory placement is a highly robotic and computer-controlled process in the assembly line of automobile manufacturing. Computerized alignment and placement procedures ensure that both molding and windshield are accurately fitted. Preparation of the car frame provides a clean surface to which the windshield could bond. Furthermore, there is ample time between windshield installation and the end of the production line for the molding to cure. Because of these exacting processes, the quality that comes out the factory is the best.
For aftermarket windshield installation, getting rid of the original windshield properly is foremost to a good replacement. The correct installation techniques require removal of the old molding and lower windshield cowl panel. Subsequently the glass is cut out, leaving around 1/16” of urethane bedding. The channel area, where the urethane adhesives bond, should be primed to inhibit rust formation. Rust formation will eventually weaken the bonding of the windshield to the car. After placement of the windshield, the car should be given from 1-24 hours to cure, depending on the adhesives used.
Some unethical replacement practices include shortcuts, such as close-cutting, flush-cutting and jumping-the-cowl. It is important to know and trust your Glass Company.
Stresses the Windshield Endures
Whether your car is parked, speeding on the road in the morning rush hour, your windshield endures many abuses: temperature changes (most notably night cooling and day heating,) road vibrations and car body frame shears, and road debris.
Because glass expands and shrinks at a slower rate than the metal body frame it is located in, during temperature changes, for example a rise in ambient temperature, the expanding metal pushes in on the sides of the windshield; conversely, a decrease in the ambient temperature exerts a pulling force on the edges of the windshield.
Now imagine, in addition to temperature stress, the constant pulling and pushing of the windshield from the body frame absorbing road impact. A stress gradient exists within the windshield. The highest stress occurs around the edges and lessens gradually approaching the center point of the windshield.
So far so good…Then a rock hits the windshield and creates an opening. Usually the windshield could distribute temperature and vibrational stress to its neighboring glass molecule. Now, however, tension would accumulate along the edge of the crack until it travels down to the border of intact and separated glass. The extra tension causes the borderline intact glass to separate, since it is the next weakest point and would continue until something is done about it.
Stress gradients correlate directly to the likelihood of a chip or crack developing further. A stone break in a high stress area, i.e. the sides, is more likely to evolve into a crack. Cracks that start from the edges usually travel to the center of less stress, just as water flows from high pressure to low pressure. Depending on shearing forces the car body exerts on the windshield, the crack may actually travel in different directions.
After you read this article, we hope that you have a deeper appreciation of the value of the windshield chip and crack repair that our service provides to you. By repairing stone breaks and cracks when repairable, we save you time and expense and give you quality. Cars retain their originally fitted windshield, which is ever more important in new models where windshield design have reached the stage that correct replacement is paramount to ensure a snug fit and prevent stress cracks from developing. (Stress crack can occur even without external damage, especially if the windshield is not designed to fit on certain car models.)
Properly done repairs will enhance the strength of the windshield, reduce optical distraction, restrict damage area and maintain a smooth surface for wiper operation. At Stevens Glass your Glass needs are our Top Priority.

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Important things to consider when replacing your winshield.

2010-01-31 12.48.44 Photo Oct 11, 1 17 26 PMThe importance of a properly installed windshield cannot be over-stated. Over the years, the windshield has played an ever-increasing role in the safety of the modern automobile. Whether it’s the interaction with your passenger side air bag, the integrity of your roof should you be involved in a rollover accident, or simply keeping you safely inside your vehicle, you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to make sure that when you have your windshield replaced, it’s done right.
There are many components of a properly and safely installed windshield. It all starts with the removal of your damaged windshield. It sounds simple, but if it is not done properly, the effects can be disastrous. Our technicians are fully trained and have access to the best tools and equipment available to ensure that this first step is done correctly so that your new windshield will display the same fit, finish and above all, structural integrity that your vehicle had when it rolled out of the factory.
Another important component is the urethane, or more succinctly, the glue, that bonds your new windshield to your vehicle. We use the most advanced urethane systems available, offering the fastest safe drive-away times in the industry. This is typically an area where auto glass companies will try and save money. Not us. Most inexpensive urethanes on the market offer safe drive away times of 24 to 48 hours. Whether or not you use Stevens Glass, please ask about this and make sure you’re getting the straight facts about how soon after your windshield is installed your vehicle is safe to drive.
The other major component of a windshield installation is the windshield itself. At Stevens Glass, we only use OEM quality glass in our installations. We buy our glass primarily from Pilkington, the largest manufacturer of OEM glass in the world. Using OEM quality glass ensures that the new windshield that we install, is structurally identical to the original windshield installed when your vehicle was manufactured. Along with using sub par urethane, some glass shops will simply look for the cheapest glass available, regardless of whether or not it conforms to your vehicle manufacturer’s rigid specifications and standards for aftermarket glass.
At Stevens Glass we strive to give you the best quality product at an affordable price. We make your Glass needs our Top priority.

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What does my Auto glass / Windshield consist of?

2010-01-31 12.47.04There are two main types of auto glass — tempered glass and laminated safety glass. Tempered glass, which typically is used on the rear and side windows, goes through a special process where it is heated and then quickly cooled. Laminated safety glass, which is typically used on windshields, is composed of two pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl. It’s then heated and pressed together in an oven called an autoclave. Both types of glass are stronger and more impact resistant than regular glass. When tempered glass receives a strong hit, it will shatter, but it will shatter and fall to the ground into small pieces that do not have sharp edges like regular glass. When laminated safety glass receives a strong impact it will also shatter but, generally, the pieces will adhere to the vinyl and not fall to the ground.

In automobile accidents auto glass is often damaged and needs to be replaced, but this isn’t the only instance where replacement is required. Gravel kicked up on the freeway can result in a chip or small vein in the windshield. Over time vibration, rain/snow, and temperture fluctuations can cause the vein to grow. In some states driving with damaged auto glass is a ticket-able offense. In Alaska, the DMV requires a non damaged windshield to take any driving test.

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Furniture Glass

Are you looking for a way to protect your table or desk? At Stevens Glass we can custom cut plate (annealed) glass to fit your table or desk. We can do it to pattern to fit the table. This is a great way to keep your furniture scratch proof for years to come. We can cut holes in the glass to customize it for your electrical needs for desk tops/ entertainment centers. Diameter cuts are available as well. We seam all the edges so they are smooth and safe.

Stevens Glass can also custom cut  glass shelves. The shelves would be made from 1/4 inch clear plate (annealed) glass or 3/8 inch clear plate (annealed) glass depending on the weight put on them. This is an excellent way to showcase a collection or organize a space but still leave an open feel.

2010-03-11 12.00.36 photo (6) IMG_4841

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Does your Bathroom need a Facelift?

2011-12-01 14.02.54

Looking for a quick and easy way to update you bathroom? Your bathroom will look so much more attractive if you have a shower door or gleaming free-standing shower enclosure. It will be much lower in maintenance too. Unlike a shower curtain which has to be taken down to be cleaned because of mold & mildew. Plus shower curtains are less reflective and give the appearance of taking up more space.   Shower doors and enclosures can be cleaned in their original position with a quick spray of surface cleaner and an easy wipe down. Another advantage to shower enclosures and doors is that they allow more light to permeate the bathroom making it feel more spacious.  Shower enclosures are a great way to show off your tile & highlight the fixtures in your bathroom. Shower enclosures most popular colors for the metal foaming are oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and silver. Do you have a small bathroom? There are some great shower enclosures that can make the best use of your space, like a bypass sliding enclosure or a small door & panel.

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Will my Insurance go up if I make a glass claim?

No, your insurance rates should not change as they are not a factor in determining your risk assignment. A glass claim is a no fault comprehensive claim and by law should not cause rates to increase. I have spoken to quite a few Insurance agents and the answer has been the same typically the rates do not change due to a glass / windshield claim. So when you call your Insurance company to make a glass claim tell them you would like to use Stevens Glass and they will send us all the claim information so that we can bill them directly. All that is due from you is your insurance deductible. Just remember at Stevens Glass we make your glass needs our TOP priority. Continue reading

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Can my windshield be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

Stevens Glass recommends getting a chip repaired as soon as possible. You can have a chip repaired at a fraction of the cost for a new windshield. Most all chips can be repaired if they are smaller than a dollar bill and have not broken through the second layer of glass. If the chip is in the Driver’s line of sight the windshield should be replaced as it is a distraction for the driver. Chip repairs are repaired with a resign and most cracks can be stop drilled so that they don’t crack any further. You want to get those chips taken care of before rain , dirt and snow get in the chip and cause more damage by freezing and then cracking the windshield. Most insurance companies cover chip repairs at no cost to you. We work with all insurance companies so when you make that glass claim with your insurance company just tell them you would like to use Stevens Glass and they will fax us the information to bill them directly. If you do have a windshield replacement then all you are due is the insurance deductible amount.2010-01-31 12.47.04

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Bettering Energy Efficiency

At Stevens Glass we offer Professional grade Vinyl windows.  These windows are Ply Gem from there pro series 700 line. They are great performers in Alaska’s climate and Energy Efficient. Whether you choose double pane windows with our warm edge technology or triple pane windows, you will be making a quality choice for your home and its energy use. They are all made with low-E glass and argon gas inside the insulated glass unit itself. Ply Gem windows come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. We offer a free estimate/ measure and while we are there we can discuss what you may need for your windows to meet building codes. An example of this is in an older home,the bedroom windows may not meet egress code, which is where the opening portion of the window needs to be a minimum of 5.7 square feet with a minimum width of 20 inches. This is to allow a person of normal size to exit the bedroom window in case of emergency. At Stevens Glass we know what a big decision it is when you are upgrading your windows, we want to give you all the information so that you can make the best decision for your home and it’s energy use.2011-08-25 13.21.56

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How long does it take to change a windshield?

The average windshield takes two hours start to finish. Depending on the year, make and model, some are easier to extract out of the opening than others and may take a little less time. Some of that time is needed for the sealant called urethane to fully cure so that it is safe to drive away.

Wait at least 24 hours before you wash your windshield to make sure the urethane is fully cured.

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